From The Heart Of A Pastor

by Pastor Byron MacDonald

I received a letter this week that was both the cry of a heart and a challenge to us as a church.  It was a challenge that came from one speaking on behalf of those who struggle with the temptation of homosexual desires.

It is not that this individual is living a homosexual lifestyle, though some do wholly give into the temptation.

A person can share the struggles concerning other issues in life and find understanding, empathy, and prayerful assistance.  But somehow this temptation seems to be outside understanding, empathy, and prayerful assistance within the Christian community.

Can someone share with us their struggles with homosexual temptation, and still find themselves loved, accepted, and appreciated?  Is this temptation forced into the dark secret world, and, thus, grows in its power and control?  Is this a temptation that others cannot be honest about for fear of labeling and rejection?  These are signifiant and troubling questions.

Neither fears, nor attractions and propaganda that come from culture should determine our response.  What does the Bible say about this?